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Meet our Clients

We are in the business of enhancing reputations, building credibility, and increasing awareness by generating news value for our clients. We focus our collective energies and talents on driving brand stories and generating news for our clients whose success is our only benchmark. We are proud to work with great companies. Here are just a few of them.

Drone technology is the future and Draganfly is right in the heart of it as North America’s longest operating commercial drone company in the world. An award-winning, industry-leading manufacturer within the commercial UAV and UVS space, Draganfly serves the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections and mapping and surveying markets.

WeedMD is one of the largest producers of medical cannabis and one of the first in Canada to commercially plant and harvest more than 20,000 cannabis plants outdoors on a large scale. WeedMD continues to redefine the cannabis industry and empowers patients, benefit providers and companies to engage is a more holistic approach to benefits and wellness options.

Sproutly is the developer of the world’s only truly water-soluble cannabis solution to be formulated into beverages and drinks. This water-based scientific discovery allows Sproutly to manage the precise amount and potency consumers ingest in future consumer products.

Koios (pronounced Koy-ose) is a leading creator of functional nootropic beverages that provide a science-based approach to nutrition and human optimization.

Cafe Agave is revolutionizing the hard coffee market with the launch of one of the first prepackaged spiked cold brew coffees, made with super-premium ingredients, including 100% Arabica Columbian Cold Brew Coffee and 12.5% ABV.

Pearl at Longshore is one of Connecticut’s finest dining establishments in the state that focuses on seasonally inspired, sophisticated American cuisine. Nestled on the scenic coastline at Westport, CT’s historic Longshore Club Park, Pearl offers one of the most stunning views in the area.

Liberty Health Sciences is a growing producer and retailer of cannabis products aimed at improving the quality of peoples’ lives in the state of Florida.

Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation implements and oversees training courses and workshops in collaboration with local partners such as universities, hospitals or governmental institutions to enhance cancer treatment through radiotherapy treatment in low and middle-income countries.

Quigler is revolutionizing the way real estate is being bought and sold. The app is free to consumers and gives them complete transaction transparency while allowing agents the ability to provide consumers with process knowledge, constant feedback, and unprecedented accountability.

The First Responder Academy provides training and institutional operationalization of innovative technology and techniques into every day and the unforeseen extraordinary incidents.

Art of Everyone engages people through art, expression and communication – connecting with people and putting the creativity in their hands. Participants follow the lead of an Artist Conductor to create works of art.